CURC Membership

Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance:

As a corporation, CURC is protected by general liability insurance.  The Consortium is insured by Health Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC). As a corporation, the CURC becomes liable for its debts and oblications.

The advantages of insurance coverage for the CURC include:

  • Individual members are shielded from potential liability, up to the limits of their personal assets
  • Provision of unlimited legal defense coverage for the organization (even if suits are groundless, false or fraudulent). Even if the CURC has little or no assets, the cost of a legal defense could be staggering.
  • Insurance coverage will extend to the CURC's directors, officers and employees as well as to CURC review committee members, and non-physician clinical trial support staff (i.e. clinical trial coordinators).
  • CURC's liability insurance will not cover medical malpractice, and members must ensure that they have individual CMPA coverage in the event of malpractice.
  • CURC will have access to expert insurance advice on administrative matters with respect to contractual agreements with pharmaceutical companies or other sponsors. © 2000-2008 Canadian Urology Research Consortium | revised 3-Dec-2004
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