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image/drop-cap:'T'he CURC is a national investigator network of physicians and clinical researchers with an interest in urology. CURC was formed in 2000 to develop and promote multi-centre urological clinical trials in Canada. Through its business infrastructure, the CURC enables urologists to partner more effectively with Industry in the design, evaluation, budgeting, quality control and conduct of clinical studies. The CURC provides leadership to ensure that Canada plays a leading role in international clinical urology trials by harnessing the collective urology expertise of members and providing access to a large patient population in a health care system whose structure facilitates clinical research.

Key advantages of CURC Membership include:

  • linkage of community and academic physicians
  • opportunity to participate in multi-centre leading edge research
  • evaluation of research protocols through the CURC expedited reviews
  • increased revenue from optimally funded clinical trials.
  • active membership is open to licensed physicians residing in Canada
  • participation in the C2R bi-annual retreat conference.

There are Two Classes of Members:

Active -

Active Membership is open to licensed physicians residing in Canada.

The Criteria For Active Membership Include:

  • a CUA member interested in urology research and in clinical trials
  • associated clinical site/hospital must have an adequate patient volume
  • availability of CT/MRI scan, after-hours lab and pharmacy services in order to conduct the appropriate studies
  • disclosure of Site Profile Information for CURC data base
  • abiding by CURC Bylaws and Principles of Membership

Associate -

Membership is open to scientists, residents, medical and radiation oncologists, clinicians, nurses or allied health professionals.

The Criteria For Associate Membership Include:

  • A scientist, resident, trainee, radiation oncologist, clinician, nurse or allied health professional with an interest in urology research and clinical trials
  • Disclosure of Site Profile Information for CURC data base
  • Abiding by CURC Principles of Membership
  • No Annual Dues Fee.


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or fax to: (416) 480-5226

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