Election Nomination and Consent

All Active Members of the CURC shall elect one Chairman plus a 4 Member Board of Directors. The position of Chairman will not be restricted by region. Board representation will be regionally distributed and decided by majority vote. 

Chairman: unrestricted

Director #1: Western Region
Director #2: Central Region
Director #3: Quebec Region
Director #4: Atlantic Region

In addition to the Chairman and the 3 Directors of the Board, CURC will assign 2 Ex-officio positions to the Board:

  1. CUOG
  2. CUA

No person shall be submitted to the conference as a candidate for any office within the Canadian Urology Research Consortium (CURC), without the written consent of said person first being obtained, nor without said candidate obtaining written consent of a Nominator from the Membership and a Seconder from the Membership. © 2000-2010 Canadian Urology Research Consortium | Website maintined by WCI